Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits – the guide for consumers and financial advisers about how this critical source of guaranteed income fits into an overall retirement plan.

Claiming Social Security benefits is one of the most important decisions that retirees will ever make. According to Social Security expert Mary Beth Franklin, they account for half or more of total income for 50% of married couples and 70% of unmarried individuals.

They are the only source of guaranteed income for life for most Americans, and they have the added bonus of adjusting for inflation, thus protecting purchasing power.

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What's Inside The eBook

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The ABCs of Social Security
Chapter 2: Disappearing Strategies
Chapter 3: Married Couples
Chapter 4: Widows and Widowers
Chapter 5: Divorce and Social Security
Chapter 6: Disability
Chapter 7: Exceptions for Public Employees
Chapter 8: Don’t Forget the Kids
Chapter 9: The Do-Over Strategy
Chapter 10: Filing for Benefits Online
Chapter 11: How Benefits Are Taxed
Chapter 12: Social Security and Medicare
Chapter 13: New Rules, New Strategies


“When it comes to retirement income planning, Social Security is such an important foundation. Mary Beth Franklin’s ebook on maximizing social security benefits is well-written and easy to understand. It concisely covers the most important rules and strategies and it has been an excellent resource for me in my practice.”
-Michael J. Sinclair, CLU, ChFC, CASL